Updated overview of our concerts

21/5/2022 - m13 Rock Hell (Brno)

11/6/2022 - Stará Pekárna (Brno)

28/6/2022 - MELODKA (Brno)

29/7/2022 - Rusty Nail (Brno)

5/8/2022 - Chapeau Rouge Club (Praha)

Concert in Stará Pekárna


Permanent members of Meadow Street

David (guitar)

plays guitar, composes the music and songs concepts, completes other tracks and writes lyrics

Jana (vocal)

sings with the amazing energy in her voice  

Adam (guitar)

plays guitar and adds more melodic lines to the songs

Jan (drums)

plays the drums, keeps the rhythm and tempo of the band

Kamil (bass guitar)

plays bass guitar and makes various graphics

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Brno, Czech Republic